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​Abstract Paintings

These paintings do not depict any particular place, object or person.   They are also called non-representational, or non-objective.

I look for colour, contrast and texture to make an interesting painting.  I particularly love the spontaneous look of splashes, splatters and drips.

Open Spaces 1 LR.jpg

​Collage Paintings

These paintings incorporate the use of painted or found papers along with acrylic paint.


I prepare my own papers by painting or stamping patterns.  I also look for papers with interesting designs or surfaces, as well as clippings from books, magazines, etc.  I then paint and arrange the various papers to form an interesting arrangement of colours and textures.


​Other Paintings

An assortment of paintings, from representational to stylized and semi-abstract, using a variety of mediums and techniques.

It's fun to try different things once in a while.  It's a great way to expand your horizons, and kick up your motivations.


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